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Choose Your Plan

  • Sponsorship

    Every year
    Sponsor Benefits: Discounts, Sourcing, Network, & Resources
    • Local Sourcing Database
    • Free Networking Sessions
    • Access to Basic Support and Resources
    • Newsletter Updates
    • Access to Local Merchant Forum
    • 1 hr Strategy Session
    • *Community Sponsorship* Helping Promote Local Events
    • Access to Shared Workspace Once a Month
  • Save on Rental Fees


    Every month
    Sponsorship Benefits & Unlimited Accesss to Shared Workspace
    • Unlimited Access to Shared Workspace
    • All Merchant Sponsorship Benefits
  • Infrequent Flyer

    Every month
    Perfect for the individual with occasional internet needs.
    • Access to Shared Workspace for 1-2 Times Monthly
  • Frequent Flyer

    Every month
    Perfect for on the go drop-in
    • Access to Shared Workspace up to Once a Week
    • Sponsor Benefits
Sponsorship Plans: PaidPlans
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